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BEANTOWN #Sara #❤️

BEANTOWN #Sara #❤️
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Posted by treleparc
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Tre! lookin good man, you dont know me but I always wondered if you remembered me. We met once back in 1998, im was and STILL am a big fan but at that time i was just a young 17 year old star gazing boy in the front row lovin green day. Anyways it was Edgefest 1998, OTTAWA, I was brought onstage with the band and rocked knowledge. Then YOU did something for me Ill never forget ... you hunted me down through a large crowd ( I was like the only kid with a Kerplunk T-shirt amongt the masses of tea party and moist fans) and got me back stage to hang. Ill never forget that moment dude for the rest of my life. btw I still rock green day everyday on my commute to work at the young age of 33, love everything you guys have done (especially for me) and thought I would share one of the biggest moments in my life with a memory that will last forever because of YOUR generousity. Now that social media makes it easier for us fans to communicate with our heroes, I can finally thank you .  Take care and  maybe we will meet again someday .   Peace! !!!!!!!!!!'s picture

happy happy birthday Tré,enjoy your birthday;);;)

beter 2 late than never,grt Belgium

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nice,foto,Tré,who is Sara););;);)