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Photo from bj_unoxx

Photo from bj_unoxx
Photo from bj_unoxx
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Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
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xxpunkgirlxx's picture

OMFG!!! There are really people who don't know Billie Joe Armstrong...

If I were sitting next to you, I would be the luckiest person in the world...

You are really amazing, you know?

kimmiegirl's picture

Billie Joe you amaze me on every level I can imagine, but I think I get the biggest kick out of your sense of humor and humility. Ahh, yea...that's something notably foolish of us humans, sitting next to someone you are reading about and not even taking a second of their life to actually spend a moment in reality to at least give a smile or nod, not to mention a shake of their extended hand followed with the favor of civility of adding their name, to that person next to them! What an encounter that may have changed two lives lost to the lack of having the savvy to be truly benevolent...I love the way your words and witticism leave SMILES of the greatest influence not only across my exterior but forever imprinted in my mind-THANK YOU!!! SMILES FOREVER.
ok...word verification wont allow a damn thing!whats up

Scaramimi's picture

STUPID people....... who doesnt know billie joe...... >.<

Gio gd85's picture

lol..... no words.... :-D :-D

sapereaude's picture

Someone who needed to check and see if it was really you? You could have said, "Oh, that's me!" Or, you could have had some fun with it. "I've met those guys. They call me to fill in for Bilie Joe when he needs some time off. That Broadway gig was a blast!" I'm sure you could come up with something funny. "The hair color thing has been easier to keep up with this year." Hahahaha! Take their looking as a compliment. ;)

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

Lucky person if he/she is sitting next to you!

Jessica Pradhan's picture

:D!!!!!!! Haha, well thats whats gonna happen when your the lead singer of the best band in the world!