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Posted by BillieJoeArmstrong
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onw't I love you ♥

greengirl4eveey25's picture

I love this song and i love billie joe xoxoxo


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love this picture 

MARY XMAS's picture

is that picture taken after shopping?

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

VIVA LA GLORIA is awesome as fuck :)

LeandroauthoridadeGd's picture

Sometimes I feel useless, knowing that my God is not going very well and I can not do anything.
I do not even remember how many times you made ​​me believe that everything can be better, and my love for you was the only thing that made ​​me smile.
You changed my life and of many people around the world, there are many fans shit, but I'm here to honor this banda who saved me and gives me strength every day.
My tattoos are the marks that neither time erase!
I love you Billie Joe
thank you for existing.
I'm sorry my english,i'm recife, brasil.

Michel's picture

Write a comment here (no HTML please) best???

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ooo my cuttttiiiieeeee pieeeeeeeeeeeeee :P XP

Lola98's picture

Wow *___* you're just perfect !! I love you Billie Joe

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I love you ♥

SophOfSuburbia_'s picture

lets just say that justin bieber looks older than you. looking good. beuatiful<3 i love you XX

SophOfSuburbia_'s picture

perfection (you not the wall) <3

Abhilasha's picture

I love you! :*

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Dany's picture

yeah! in spain!!!! :;D

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

Billie I´m very proud because you sometimes use spanish on your songs (or in your CD's). Viva la Gloria is one of my favourite songs.


                                                                       ¡¡VIVA GREEN DAY!!

MrsWhatsername72's picture

Fucking awesome.

BasketCaseN1's picture

Viva la Gloria!!! Love that song sooo much!!! And you look awesome byt the way, i'm very happy you're okay now!!! Ready to go on tour and rock out? I'd bet yes, as always heheheh!!!  <3 <3 <3

Idiot_Girlxx's picture

Awesomeeee!*-* VIVA LA GLORIA!!!!!!!! 

You look so good! You're beautiful <3 I love you


Green Day come to Argentina please!!!

Disappearing Girl's picture

Need an apostrophe before the last "s" in "slogans."  It's a contraction (slogan + is).  Hard for a grammarian to overlook.  I have a field day with your work.  But I love it anyway.

pabloo's picture

awesome billie !!!

Sadie.bell's picture

EPIC song :D now it's stuck in my head  <3

btw-- looking good Billie :P

GreenDayGirl905's picture

Viva La Gloria <3

urmom603's picture

you look so good! and such powerful lyriks ~ ugh i want to see you guys live so bad ! come to atlanta or orlando ahhhh <333333

mlewis's picture

You are so loved.  I can't wait til you come to Rochester NY!

buffylovesgreenday's picture

i love that song! plese come to portland OR