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So hoppy to be on #RevRad tour! #Chicago #aragonballroom


yo!! follow my man Jason Freese on the sax!! he's a sax machine!!! @therealjasonfreese he's lonely and needs as many followers!!


Thank you Chicago! Aragon was a blast! Getting pumped up for Detroit rock city now!!! #greenday #revrad #fillmore btw follow @therealjasonfreese !!!!


Hey Motor City! First to find the secret location wins a pair of tickets to see Green Day TONIGHT at The Fillmore, A Bluetooth boombox, and a copy of ‘Revolution Radio’ on Vinyl. Find the location and take a photo of yourself with the Boombox with #REVRADDETROIT. The winner will be reached out to from the @WBR IG account. Coordinates: 42°29'25.9"N 82°56'29.4"W


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