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Green Day - ¡TRE! [Official Trailer]

Green Day - ¡TRE! [Official Trailer]

Average: 5 (12 votes)
Posted by: Greg
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on December 06, 2012
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Average: 5 (12 votes)


Jessica Routh's picture

awesome as f**k!

PhilCluff's picture

Lookin' Good Guys!!!

zancixd1's picture

I love u green day!!!!

IaraRibeirodeSousa's picture

I love you Green Day!!!

shivani's picture

rokzzz :)

bullet_in_a_bible's picture

Amazing! Love love love love all the music on these albums! Green Day is so amazing! Theyre like my life scource. I can' tive without them! 

SaintEyerly's picture

Lovin' the muzic! !! You guys have remained my favorite through the wormhole of this thing, called time!!!!  As you guys have evolved, so are your fans (hopefully).  I commend Mr BJ for getting the help many people, including myself, eventually need to get.  I know this isn't the "right" forum to comment on that, couldn't refrain from it. I lDO ove the vid 2 and all your fans love you and are proud of you guys as a whole, and as individuals. *insanely, inspiring, amazing, fun, diverse Trilogy*  THANK YOU FOR THE MUZIC!!!

justbetta's picture

The perfect trilogy!!! Love Dirty rotten bastards so much!!!!!!

Rafael soares's picture

iUno! iDos! iTré! uns dos melhores albúns de rock dos últimos tempos!!! òÓ

Alokita's picture

and den came iQuatro!..