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Green Day - Troublemaker [Music Video]

Green Day - Troublemaker [Music Video]

Average: 4.9 (13 votes)
Posted by: Greg
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on October 06, 2012
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Average: 4.9 (13 votes)


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Wow!! tha's one of the best song I ever like. The lyrics and music of the video is really heart touching. It really deserves five star. And other songs are also good but this is the best one. youtube likes

Eileen's picture

Write a comment here (no HTML pwish they had demonstrated a greater amount of Billie joe's solo in the center however! I adore it.
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SammyJo's picture

wish they had shown more of Billie joe's solo in the middle though! I love it x

NireshPerera's picture

Green Day rules.. 

Sadie.bell's picture

UNO is a pretty epic album. Cant wait til DOS comes out!!!

Aimanbasalamah's picture

wanna be a troublemaker ?

greenslay's picture

Hey you're giving me a heartattack

Dany007's picture

One of the best song in this incredible album
¡Viva Green Day!

greengirl13's picture

tht vid was sooo cool. thts my fav song 2!!!!! i know every word to it.

4ever's picture

BEST SONG EVER!!! Reminds me of the music I grew up with from the late 70's/early 80's with a twist from the 50's & 60's; which makes it even better. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FRLAVOR!!! This song pumps me up and gets me going, especially when I workout! AND the album its from, UNO, is great by the way. Green Day music is always relevant and will become classic. In fact, Green Day is the best rock band of our time. I LOVE Billie Joe's voice and tempo in this song...SO COOL! THIS SONG is CLASSIC!!!

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wanna be a troublemaker

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Andressa White's picture

awesome ! sz

Jose's picture

Brillant!!!! Incredible!!!! Awesome!!!!!! ¡UNO!

Zombeen day's picture

First comment :D It's Awesome that video (: