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Kill The DJ [Official Music Video]

Kill The DJ [Official Music Video]

Average: 4.6 (15 votes)
Posted by: Greg
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on October 01, 2012
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Average: 4.6 (15 votes)


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<p>This was jsut what I was looking for mate, <a href=";u=101945">thank</a> you so much.</p>

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Yeah, I LOVE this song!! And the vid also...♥

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Love the music video but why have they got blood on there faces?

Orne IdiotForever's picture

i love this song, please come tu Argentina. #sweetchildrensrules

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cool......i luved dis song

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hey everyone please check out this video i did for this song and vote for it

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A  bit strang but i liked it!!

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so nice song and so cool video

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very good

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Amo amo Amo!!!!! 

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mike is such a badass!

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Some of the best clips!

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awesome girl fight!

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I love the part where walk among the people! Billie looks so sexy!!!
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Billie looks sexy EVERY second of the day!


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Billie Joe's eyes are beautiful,phenomenal,and amzing!!!

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I love this song!!! Someone kill the dj!!!!

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This lyric is STUCK IN MY HEAD: "We are the vultures, the dirtiest kind..." I love the video and the song. Green Day is SO close to ruling the world!

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This is my favourite song of Uno !!!!!!! <333

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*U* This song is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! Love It!! <3

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i love this song! <33