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ONE presents Green Day - 99 Revolutions

ONE presents Green Day - 99 Revolutions

Average: 4.9 (9 votes)
Posted by: Greg

Watch Green Day and other great artists perform at more on HERE


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on June 16, 2013
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Watch Green Day and other great artists perform at more on HERE

Average: 4.9 (9 votes)


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Oooohh! Guys! You are do cool!

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this is only about GREEN DAY,

i do not think that is going to promote another site,this is just about green day,you now

Green day doing  this for all the fans

just only green day

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I love Billie Joe Armstrong

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I Was There! 

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I WAS THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :'D SAY HEEEEYOOOOOOOH!!!!! SAY WOOOOOHOOOOOOH!!!! I GOTTA KNOW... THE BEST MOMENT OF MY LIFE!!!...since they went out... D'''''':

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WOOWW! its wondefull :) i love this song! Aahh i love Green Day!

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I love this song and wish it could be the anthem for the Occupy Wall Street movement. 

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Bologna :D I was there and it was just so amazing ** thank you again Green Day <3

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Green Day Rules!!!!!!!!!!!  <3 . <3

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my favorite song thank you for it! ♥♥

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Loved to see them in Portugal last Friday!! It was an epic concert!!! :D <3 <3 

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<3 <3 <3 ! ! grenn day is a  big nuclear family

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i am in comunion with you !

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i  was in nimes 10/07/2013 it is epic and it is my first  concert

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Wow... Epic!

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Tengo muchisimas ganas de verlos pero no puedo eso no creo que ocurra nunca, almenos hasta que me independice i tenga suficiente pasta para verlos. Que rabia, a no ser que de aqui unos años pasen por Barcelona. Estoy depresiva. Y lo más cerca que me siento de ellos es tocando sus canciones con la guitarra. Les deseo a ellos muchisima suerte.

Sofía Latvenas's picture

Me pasa lo mismo... Y hace 3 años los tuve en mi misma Provincia haciendo un show :/  Y no pude ir :'(

Pero no hay que desanimarse :) 

Ya llegará nuestro "Time Of Our life" :D

Y seguramente será genial :)  Mientras esté en nuestro corazon, nuestro deseo se va a cumplir ^-^

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best band green day forever


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great song,love it,but the cd's ONE-DOS-TRE are awesome good

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There will be video-concert tour of 99 revolutions you have made in Italy?

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Bologna!!! We were there. Chiara & Eddy