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Stray Heart - [Official Music Video]

Stray Heart - [Official Music Video]

Average: 4.9 (12 votes)
Posted by: Greg
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on November 08, 2012
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Average: 4.9 (12 votes)


Jessica Routh's picture

Amazing but there's one thing missing........GREENDAY WHERE IS GREENDAY!!!!!!! 

DeanaCorrineSells's picture

I can't believe that people nowadays enjoy Justin Bieber or 2 Chainz or someone...but me? Oh,no. I love Green Day and that's who I'll stay by for the rest of my life... (I have a long way to go 'cause I'm only 13) :D

Molly Armstrong xoxo's picture

Love everything about this, and did anyone notice the girl who he hands the albums to is glimmer from the hunger games? :D

dontwanabellefallinlove17's picture

love this so much!

xSimone's picture

I love this song! Omg. Anyway, all their songs are great.

✗Nuclear Girl✗'s picture

I love this song and this video. The video it's very well done.

rahulshaha's picture

Love the song....also like Amy on this album....!!

Fran-day's picture

love it, but in any part appears green day. lol

PinDariyanto's picture

i hope you didn.t make a mistake to choose the singles like in UNO!.Second Single must be "Amy" and the third "Lazy Bones".


philimaster's picture

love stray heart the best song on dos!

whatsername1321's picture

Weird but wonderful... that is all I have to say. Best song on Dos, in my opinion. You fellow Green Day fans agree? :P

oldschoolgreenday's picture

i like the song but what the heck is up with the video

Alokita's picture

awesum as F**K... !!!

The Duke of Buckingham's picture

sooo much better than any video for uno. 

_GreenDayLover_'s picture

OH GOD i want to get married with billies voice <3 ;))

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JesusChristSupermarket's picture

Best Green Day music video since the video for Warning

Ewelina's picture

Funny and great :)

jessica skittles's picture


Кристина Хайлер's picture

Yeah, the clip is not from paradise))

Nimrod's picture

A Green Day video wihout Green Day? ._.