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  • What bands influenced you?Katelynn See, INDEPENDENCE, KY.
    A lot of Minneapolis bands like Hüsker Dü and the Replacements. After that, the Ramones, then the local punk-rock scene that we came from in Berkeley, Calif. There was this great compilation called Turn It Around! That was a pretty big record for me.

    Why do you never seem to age?Eldon Mills, CHESTERFIELD, ENGLAND
    [Laughs.] I definitely age. It's about trying to mentally keep yourself in a place where you're never resting on your laurels. That's the fountain of youth.

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  • The Original Broadway Cast Recording of "American Idiot" will be released on vinyl July 13th. Pre-order it: HERE.

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  • Nobody appreciates righteousness like John Robb. After seeing Green Day live at Manchester's Old Trafford stadium, he explains why they're still so thrilling - and the ultimate small town band

    In a blur of powerful anthemic songs, a stunning LED backdrop, hardcore rushes, massive ballads, serious commentary and daft stunts, Green Day arrive at the sold out 30,000 plus capacity Old Trafford cricket ground on a balmy Mancunian evening. It's a show of strength that seems to be beyond the mainstream media sense of belief.

    Their stunning show, almost two hours long, is 21st century rock &

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  • Brian's picture
    June 16, 2010

    'Green Day: Rock Band' got it right

    New 'Green Day' game has no filler songs — are you listening, 'Guitar Hero'?

    Green Day: Rock Band is exactly what a band- specific music game should be.

    It comes as no surprise that the minds at Harmonix and MTV Games succeeded, given their terrific work on The Beatles: Rock Band.

    The Guitar Hero franchise should take note, because Green Day fans got what Van Halen fans wanted with Guitar Hero: Van Halen. And what would that be? Their favorite band.

    It sounds simple.

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    June 16, 2010

    When It¹s Time, the brand new single from Green Day is available to buy now
    in the UK.  The single is taken from the Original Cast recording from the
    Green Day musical, which is currently treading the boards of Broadway.

    Remember if you¹re in the UK, you can catch the band live this Saturday, at
    Wembley Stadium, where support comes from Joan Jett and Frank Turner.see
    you down the front!

    "When It's Time" single available at UK iTunes: HERE.

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