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Brian's picture
on October 18, 2013

Don't miss these screenings of 'Broadway Idiot' tonight!

Arlington, MA – Capitol
Asheville, NC – Carolina
Columbus, OH – Gateway
Encino, CA – Town Center
Kansas City, MO – Tivoli (one night only!)
Los Angeles, CA – Laemmle Royal
Pasadena, CA – Playhouse 7
Pelham, NY – Picturehouse (one night only!)
Santa Ana, CA – South Coast Village
San Francisco, CA – The Vogue
Seattle, WA – Sundance
Springfield, MO – Moxie
Tempe, AZ – Valley Art

For more details check out


StuckWithXKid's picture

Show it in Chicago!

DrunkenPony's picture

Yeah come in Europe Green Day !! 

ChiaraPesca's picture

When will Broadway Idiot be shown in Europe? We can't wait!

mike ryûk's picture

well,you're so lucky in U.S.A to have it!!!we're so impatient in france to see it and have it dvd!!!there's only GREEN DAY who can made a wonderful thing like that!!!