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    October 15, 2012

    Brutal Love
    Missing You
    8th Avenue Serenade
    Drama Queen
    Sex, Drugs & Violence
    Little Boy Named Train
    Walk Away
    Dirty Rotten Bastards
    99 Revolutions
    The Forgotten

    Out on January 15!

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on October 15, 2012

Brutal Love
Missing You
8th Avenue Serenade
Drama Queen
Sex, Drugs & Violence
Little Boy Named Train
Walk Away
Dirty Rotten Bastards
99 Revolutions
The Forgotten

Out on January 15!


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Wake me up, when September ends!! You guys Rock!

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bananaa's picture

I love evry song in the album. Especially "The Forgotten" and 'Missing You ". I keep listening to this songs every now nad then.

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DanielCapistrano's picture

'Tis already in the Philippines!!!

Shame I still dont have it yet...

Vlado54565's picture

I enjoy listening whole "Tre" album.This is definitely their best work this year.

MMattosGi's picture

Brutal Love, X-Kid, The Forgotten are amazing !!!!!!

the forgotten kid's picture

x-kid is amazing!

Pranshu Sinha's picture

i knew it before only. They have shown it in the music video of Nuclear Family. Only X-Kid is missing(instead of it there was Stray Heart written)

RockerChick4life's picture

Sounds really interesting! I want ittttt

zala's picture

I can not wait! <3

Jesus of Suburbia's picture

cant wait for this album to come about. i <3 green day. Never stop singing.

jho vagio's picture

Amanda and Amy...fuvking awesone

Aimanbasalamah's picture

can't wait, i love this album

Jeferson Carvalho's picture

I like it, like it... can't wait!!!