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on September 04, 2012

"Kill The DJ" is available for download now in the US at iTunes: HERE


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questa canzone forse è una delle migliori in assoluto
...bella GREEN DAY......

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@eshawman Bravo, sir! My thoughts on somebody's mouth at last! Shoot that f**ker down!!

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@Insideoutt, I think you're outrageous. Seriously why would you rage at a band on their OWN WEBSITE? Yes, the Bologna event was an accident, do you think that Billie Joe wanted to get sick? He was devastated that they had to cancel the show. Also, if you have an opinion that is regarding their music, keep it to yourself if it's a jerk way of saying it. Their new music is just as good as their old music... Do you expect an artist to sound the same for their whole lives? No, you shouldn't. They're just expanding their sound, deal with it.

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I hope you'll soon realise guys that you've been making pretty shit music and videos lately, you were my favourite band but your late stuff and the Bologna "accident" made me change my mind (after listening to your music for 8 years). I'm terribly sorry guys, I hope you'll go back to what you were, GOOD music.

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Can we get this for free if we pre-ordered the Ultimate Box Set?