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  • Stream their sweet tune 'Silver Haired Daddy of Mine'


    Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong and jazz-pop siren Norah Jones aren't the most logical collaborators on paper, but they've found a common ground in their mutual love for the Everly Brothers. With their collaborative country-folk LP, Foreverly, Armstrong and Jones have crafted an album-length tribute to the Brothers' 1958 album, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us. While Foreverly won't hit shelves until November 25th, the duo have offered an exclusive stream of the sweet tune "Silver Haired Daddy of Mine."

    "If I could recall all the

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  • Login and check out new photos from 6-28-13 in Sweden: HERE

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  • "American Idiot" begins with a bold declaration. Johnny, our punk rock hero, is fed up with dull suburban life: “Let’s start a war, shall we?” he sneers with juvenile glee.

    It’s never quite clear who’s fighting whom and what stakes are involved, but the restless energy, the desire to fight something -- anything -- quickly takes the audience for a ride.

    The touring production of the 2009 Tony Award-winning musical opened at the Keller Auditorium on Tuesday night, bringing music from Green Day’s 2004 Grammy-winning album, "American Idiot", to the stage.

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  • Singers channel Everly Brothers' strange 1958 classic 'Songs Our Daddy Taught Us'

    In 1958, the Everly Brothers interrupted a two-year run of hit singles, including "Bye-Bye Love" and "Wake Up Little Susie," to record a homage to their Tennessee roots, Songs Our Daddy Taught Us – a dozen folk tunes and vintage country laments done with just acoustic guitars and the siblings' precise, keening harmonies.

    Two years ago, Green Day singer-guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong "stumbled upon" that album, as he puts it. "I thought, 'Man, what made them want to make this record?'" he says.

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