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  • A new touring company will perform "American Idiot" Dec. 3-5 at Salt Lake City’s Kingsbury Hall.

    When the musical opened on Broadway in 2010, New York Times theater critic Charles Isherwood called "American Idiot" invigorating and moving, "a pulsating portrait of wasted youth that invokes all the standard genre conventions — bring on the sex, drugs and rock ’n’ roll, please! — only to transcend them through the power of its music and the artistry of its execution."

    There’s not a single boring thing about the show, says McKeon, who uses words like "enthusiatic and bombastic" to describe it.

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  • Available now in Target Stores for $11.99. Locate a Target Store near you: HERE

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  • The national tour of Green Day’s American Idiot sprang back into action this month in Portland, OR, with a brand-new set of Idiots and some familiar favorites from the tour’s previous season. Swing extraordinaire and talented photog Eric Presnall takes readers on a glimpse through the group’s first “two-dow shay."

    Jared Nepute stars as Johnny along with Daniel C. Jackson as St. Jimmy, Casey O’Farrell as Will, Dan Tracy as Tunny, Olivia Puckett as Whatsername, Taylor Jones as The Extraordinary Girl and Mariah MacFarlane as Heather.

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  • The punk singer and jazz-pop chanteuse link voices on a harmonious remake of the Everly Brothers' 1958 album of vintage country and folk.

    The typical label executive might not have foreseen harmony in a medley of Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong, jazz-pop singer Norah Jones and a vintage Everly Brothers album of cowboy laments and dusky folk tunes.

    That's why Armstrong and Jones, as Billie Joe + Norah, recorded Everlys homage Foreverly, out this week, under the radar.

    "We didn't tell anybody we were making this record," Armstrong says. "We didn't tell our label. Our management barely knew.

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