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on November 06, 2012

Hear ¡Dos! a week before it’s out!  Listen to it NOW by clicking: HERE


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i cant wait to get it

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SCREEEEAAAAAAMMMM!!!! DOS ist fuckingfuckingfucking awesome!!! It´s creeping up into my head (and somewhere else down opposite direction), it´s like inhaling colourful smoke, and nipping on a glass of thought-drowners mixed with easy pills. It makes me dizzy, feels like hippie-hippie-shake! Way better than Uno, Dos drives me mad! Fuck, this is damn good stuff, boyz!

Kae's picture

IT'S MINE!!!!!!!!!!! BOUGHT ¡DOS! !!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

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Love ashley. Also love wild one with the phrase " drinking the kool aid" in reference to mass suicide. But @bja were you fucking stoned when you wrote nightlife? ( sorry if thats offence with the rehab stint and all, i love you billy. Also in the song i do love the line "my black heart beats" )

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just a week¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ XD

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It sounds fucking awesome...dos is so fast , furious , rock and roll that makes me feel like i'm at one of those sex drugs and r'n'r parties!

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Love, love, love Wild One!!! My favorite from this album. I like the rest too but this is my fav.

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If you guys are releasing any singles after "Stray Heart" (assuming you read this shit), you should release "Lazy Bones", then "Wild One".

Jesus of Suburbia's picture

sounds fucking awesome. cant wait to get the album

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OMG....I love it !! I can't wait to have mine ;-) Billie Joe, I really hope you're okay gorgeous !! I worry about you !! Take care, I love you ;-) And please, come to Montreal !!

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Billie, how are you? Just giving you a shout out...let us know how you're doing, ok you motherfucker?...Let us Greenday fans know through your record company or agent, ok? thanks...Big GreenDay Fan from Boston

whatsername1990's picture

Love, love, LOVE Dos!!! My top favorites have to be Makeout Party and Wild One :)

Maca_X.x's picture

¡UNO! was great
¡DOS! I really shit my pants!!
I can't wait for ¡TRÉ!

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LOL. When I looked there I saw the POLISH website o.o
¡Dos! is really great!!!

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they seriously need to turn the gain or tone up on the guitars. are wayy too muddled. sound like playing into pillow. but songs are great. looking foreword to tre

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I´m listening ¡DOS! at Rolling Stone!!!