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  • When Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones recorded their own version of the Everly Brothers’ Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, we tracked Phil Everly to talk to him about the album. We couldn’t know that he’d pass away a few weeks later, just shy of his 75th birthday. Here is what we believe to be his last official interview:

    With his co-vocalist brother Don, singer Phil Everly helped lay the very foundations for rock’n’roll, which included such surprising left turns as Songs Our Daddy Taught Us, the “American Gothic”-stark sophomore album from 1958 that still continues to stun (and/or haunt) new

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  • Green Day – 'Dookie'. Released: February 1994. Some sneering types would claim that pop-punk isn’t the type of genre to grow old gracefully. So stick a copy of Green Day’s 'Dookie' under their noses: the trio’s mainstream breakthrough, buoyed by the snotty 'Basket Case' and disarmingly deft 'When I Come Around', still stands-up 20 years after its release.

    Full list at NME: HERE

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  • Jared Nepute plays the role of Johnny in the tour of AMERICAN IDIOT. He has learned a lot while playing the role and it has helped him as he makes plans for his future.

    How did you first get interested in being in theater?

    Oh, going way back. I got into in music at a young age. I was playing piano at 5 at the request of my mom. She is my biggest motivator. She heard me sing one day and thought I had a good voice so she told me I should do choir at school. It just snowballed from there. I started doing talent shows at school.

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  • My connection to the Everly Brothers goes way back. My mother was an Everly Brothers fan. I remember her playing them in the house and hearing songs like “Bye Bye Love” and “Wake Up Little Susie.”

    The Everly Brothers’ harmonies are so immaculate. You can tell that they’re brothers and have been singing together basically since birth. They improved on the whole craft of singing harmony, and their harmonies are pretty much better than everybody’s.

    Their 1958 album “Songs Our Daddy Taught Us”– I thought it was just so dark.

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  • treleparc Happy New Year! I'm excited to announce my new alliance with SJC custom drums! We are ready to rock in 2014 with a bang. - Tre Cool

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