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    September 23, 2012

    Billie Joe is seeking treatment for substance abuse.  We would like everyone to know that our set was not cut short by Clear Channel and to apologize to those we offended at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas.  We regretfully must postpone some of our upcoming promotional appearances. 

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on September 23, 2012

Billie Joe is seeking treatment for substance abuse.  We would like everyone to know that our set was not cut short by Clear Channel and to apologize to those we offended at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas.  We regretfully must postpone some of our upcoming promotional appearances. 


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my wishes go to u Billy Joe, hurry back, and I agree with everything he says

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I don't know why you were so upset because all you guys basically were anyways was the opening band for Rihanna. If you don't like it then quit being media whores that play pop fest. Either way F Justin Beiber.

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What BJA said was totally right... someone had to say this some day. But I don't think that he needs treatment, he lives with his family and there is no way to appear with this "substance abuse". This is called Marketing.

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This is not the first time he has freaked out. He is under alot of pressure. I dont blame him. They have been around since 88 and for some little teeny bopper to come along and get more time then him i would be pissed too. That is one of the reason's I love him, he stands up and speaks his mind. They only people he offened are the teeny boppers. I heard alot of applause so didnt sound like any one was offened in my opinion. Well all know billie joe has always used drugs and if he feels like it's time to get help I will support him throughout it. Whatever his decsion is I have and always will be one of their biggest fans whether he gets help or not. He has let the drugs control him. I just dont understand why people are making a big deal about it. He doesnt need to be controlled by the media. It's his life and he decides how to live it. I've used drugs and occasionally do, so I can understand how he is feeling, it gets to the point where you have just had enough of that lifestyle. I dont care if he does drugs as long as he doesn't let them control his life but that's his decision, but i want him to be around for as long as possible for his sons. We all need to support him in his decisions. He is my inspiration and role model. He is inspiring me too get help myself even though I use them occasionally, cocaine maybe 3-4 times a year, so i can better myself. Thank you billie for being my inspiration and role model. Love you always.

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You are sorry ? YOU ARE SORRY ?! I can't believe it. This fuckin' channel gave you juste one fuckin' minute and YOU are sorry ?! I can't believe it. You just have to be fuckin' proud ! Get well soon BJA, I'm so fuckin' proud to love GreenDay ;)
(We are waiting for you in France !)

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I agree with Hiatt. Nothing but true!

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Get well soon, Billie Joe. We love you!!! Can't wait to see you in Fairfax, VA in January. Really looking forward to the new albums! You're the best!!!

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Get well Billie!We love you very much!

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Get help Billie!Do it for yourself and youf family!I'm sure you will overcome even this.We will be here waiting for you. WE LOVE YOU !!!

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always with you ... always with your music .. always with your voice that takes me in every moment of life ....

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Get well soon Billie. Love you guys. See you in Toronto!

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Take whatever time you need, just get well.

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id be mad to they let have usher have all the time and he didnt really offend any one hes just saying that he is not new like Beiber?? so they shouldn't let all these new ppl going over there show

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It's understandable that you got angry Billie! So don't apologize, 'cause it wasn't fair!

I'm so inspired by all of you, and I can't wait to buy !Uno! tomorrow!

And I hope you'll get well soon, Billie !

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Do not apologise! Every true GD fan is behind you 100%
I love you so much Billie, get better soon baby♥♥

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Good for him

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Putting any rehab issue aside...when a band chooses to participate in these bullshit promotional dog & pony shows..they KNOW time is tight to stay on schedule and not screw the next artist out of THEIR time. If it was a GREEN DAY show and a stage manager was giving me the hook---I'd have done the same thing....and publicly called the douchebag out on stage.. If it was MERELY a preplanned stunt to generate sales...I would think a band as GREAT and as HUGE as Green Day would no longer have to result to BIEBER-ESQUE antics as that.

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Yeah! Haha. Got some flashbacks there when Billie Joe went crazy on stages back in the 90s.

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I honestly dont know what you could be "abusing" i mean im not sure if you were drunk or whatever, but thats just the thing to do when youve been around for 20+ years and your set gets cut for usher and shit like that. you dont need to apologize man...pretty much everyone there in that crowd was there to see nicki minaj or justin bieber. you guys deserve a grammy or something for that performance, im proud of you all.

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DO NOT APOLOGIZE!!!!!!!! keep it rockin, man...fuck everyone else, haha

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I am looking at the footage from the "incident" show and other recent shows, and it does not seem as if "hard drugs" are the issue, HOWEVER, we are not privy to what he is doing inside of his personal life. Just know that I worked in treatment as a Nurse for 3 years in my 13 years as a RN and a fan, I can tell you that no one gets well unless they want to. So be that as it may...get wherever you want to be Billie. LG from the LBC.

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I was on the Jimmy Kimmel Live site, and they said that Green Day would be appearing? This was last night. Of course we are all worried and hopeful that whatever is going on with you BJ, you are taking time to take care of yourself. I suggest going to Eric Clapton's treatment place and re-charging your batteries! Then you can get centered, get fit AND ADD A LA DATE TO THE END OF THE TOUR! Much love and support, Peace.

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I really am proud of this band.I don't want what happened to legends like Heath Ledger happen to him too. He is a father. I have always followed him like my father. I love u guys. I wish you a speedy recovery Billie. We're with you.

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Billie, we all love you, we're all on your side. Whatever's wrong, know that you've got SO much support. I don't know what's going on with you, but I hope everything sorts itself out. We got 3 new records and a tour to celebrate! Chin up, Honey!

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ClearChannel SUCKS and you were spot on for calling them out. Too bad your management doesn't have the balls to take advantage of them screwing you guys instead of sucking up to them to make sure you get airplay!

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Bravo Billie.. Now that is fuckin' rock 'n' roll. DO NOT CHANGE A THING. I will see you in January, You better smash the shit out of everything on stage. Drink Up!

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Come on, Really?... Really? Seeking treatment? Green Day is by far my favorite band and has been since the early 90's and this is the most Rock & Roll thing Green Day has ever done. You were so right Billie. That was bullshit. Such a huge act like Green Day deserves more time than what they gave em. You rock Billie!! Just because Billie got a bit drunk and told it how it was, doesn't mean he needs help. They were rushing Green Day off to bring up a fuckin' DJ? Are you kidding me? The only way that night could've been any better is if Green Day came back out and played "Kill The DJ" in the middle of that douches set. "Hold him under water til that mother fucker drowns" Green Day... You Rock!!!!

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Billie, i'm with you. i'll be with you ever.

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oh shit...come on, we love you!